Celebrating the Authenticity of Wasabia Japonica ❤ Mountain Grown ❤ Fiery Taste ❤ Smooth Finish


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Wasabi has been an important ingredient in Japanese cuisine for centuries. Wasabi is also known as Japanese horseradish; its Latin name is Wasabia japonica.

As any true sushi connoisseur knows, real wasabi rhizomes are a rare hard-to-find treat, but you can get them here; available in 1/2 Lb., 1 Lb, 2 Lb. 3 Lb. and 5 Lb. packages. Beware, if you've never tried the real deal before, you might not be too happy the next time you go to a sushi bar and they serve the green colored horseradish, AKA wasabi. If you love sushi and have never tried "Real Wasabi", the fresh grated wasabi rhizomes are a treat you will surely remember fondly. If you've had fresh wasabi before, then please share this special treat with your friends and family. 

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