Real Wasabi Powder - 100% Pure Case of Small Jars 12x3/4 oz.
Wasabi Powder
Wasabi Powder
Pure Wasabi Powder
Real Wasabi
Real Wasabi Powder

Real Wasabi Powder - Fiery Taste , Smooth Finish - Case of Small Jars

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100% Pure Real Wasabi Powder - Case 12x @ 3/4 oz each

Great for gift-giving, stocking stuffers, pantry stocking or the impromptu visit to a sushi bar where you simply want the best. Real Wasabi Powder keeps best in your fridge away from heat and light and is good for at least two years from the date of packaging.

With patience, it is possible to dry and process Wasabia Japonica to preserve its remarkable, pungent and nuanced flavors.  With timely harvesting, proper handling, painstaking processing, and careful freeze-drying techniques, the distinctive characteristics of fresh wasabi can be coaxed out and reproduced with remarkable closeness to the flavor of freshly grated wasabi.

Most faux "wasabi" products contain no true wasabi at all.  Our carefully freeze-dried, Real Wasabi™ powder contains only 100% natural, authentic Wasabia japonica. This carefully formulated powder is alive and not for everyone as it requires patient handling to coax out the nuanced flavors. 

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