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Real Wasabi Powder - Large Jar
Wasabi Powder
Real Wasabi Powder
Real Wasabi Powder
Wasabi Powder

Real Wasabi Powder - Large Jar

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Large Jar of Real Wasabi Powder

2 1/4 Ounce   Glass Jar
Best By Label on Bottom
Store in Cool Dark Place

Real Wasabi contains 100% Wasabi Powder (Wasabia japonica)...
NO other fillers, colorants or additives whatsoever!

Authentic Real Wasabi Powder is now a convenient pantry item:

With patience, it is possible to dry and process Wasabia Japonica to preserve its remarkable, pungent and nuanced flavors.  With timely harvesting, proper handling, painstaking processing, and careful freeze-drying techniques, the distinctive characteristics of fresh wasabi can be coaxed out and reproduced with remarkable closeness to the flavor of freshly grated wasabi.

Most faux "wasabi" products contain no true wasabi at all.  Our carefully freeze-dried, Real Wasabi™ powder contains only 100% natural, authentic Wasabia japonica. This carefully formulated powder is alive and not for everyone as it requires patient handling to coax out the nuanced flavors.

To make authentic, pungent Real Wasabi paste:

To make genuine reconstituted wasabi paste from Real Wasabi powder, simply mix an equal measure of dried ground Real Wasabi™ Powder with an equal measure of water.  Thoroughly blend to the right consistency (a fairly dry, not soupy, paste), cover the dish and set it aside for ten to fifteen minutes to allow the enzymatic action to activate the full flavor. 

The resulting Real Wasabi™ paste is terrific served as a condiment to accompany sashimi or sushi, or used in a host of creative ways to lend an exciting kick to your creations.  Some of our favorite uses for wasabi include:  cream cheese spread, in vanilla ice cream, in cocktail sauce, in raspberry (or nearly any fruit) jam over brie, in a vodka martini, in butter on a steak, on a bagel with cream cheese and salmon... 

TIP:  If by some chance you find yourself with leftover wasabi paste at the end of a meal (unlikely), blend it with a small amount of olive oil before storing it in the fridge.  This will help preserve the flavor, at least for a day or so, that would otherwise be lost to oxidation.

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