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Wabi Sabi Gift Set w/ Versatile Sushi Board

Wabi Sabi Gift Set w/ Versatile Sushi Board

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Real Wasabi Wabi Sabi Gift w Sushi Geta includes:

  • Medium Jar (1 1/4 oz) of celebrated Real Wasabi Powder     
  • Two pair Solid Iron Wood Japanese Style Chopsticks                                 
  • Two small square ceramic wasabi mixing bowls              
  • One Medium 5" x 10" x 1 1/2" ht Hardwood Sushi Geta    


Our Medium Wabi Sabi Gift Set makes an absolutely lovely gift for any sushi connoisseur. If you love sushi, but have never experienced Real Wasabi, our wasabi powder is an absolute "must try". You've probably heard or read an article about the so called "wasabi" commonly available in markets and served at 99% of the sushi bars, even in Japan.

The horseradish/mustard mixture that we have come to know as wasabi, is called wasabi because it is the closest substitute for the real thing. The fact that the word wasabi is a commonly accepted name for its substitute, makes it challenging for the few farmers who actually grow and import "Real Wasabi" to explain the difference to consumers.

Real Authentic Wasabi is extremely sought after, rare, expensive, and hard to find. There are only a handful of growers and supplier worldwide, as it requires very specific growing conditions and takes a long time to cultivate. While the freshly grated Rhizomes are the ideal way to enjoy real wasabi, our 100% pure freeze dried powder is still well worth trying. You just have to follow the directions to make a paste. Give the Gift of Authenticity and appreciate the "Fiery Taste ❤ Smooth Finish".

Combine a jar of our Real Wasabi with a beautiful handcrafted sushi board made from fine hardwood and dovetail construction by our craftsmen in Cullowhee North Carolina. Our serving boards are also ideal to use as a cheeseboard or to serve bread, appetizers, desserts and many other uses. Then, add the high quality chopsticks and wasabi dishes to make a perfect gift set.