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Real Wasabi, LLC, is a pioneering wasabi grower, importer and manufacturer of authentic Wasabi Japonica, the nutrition-rich, flavorful, versatile condiment loved throughout Japan and Asia for hundreds of years. Brooks Quinn and Doug Lambrecht formed Real Wasabi, LLC in 2005 as a specialized grower and premier purveyor of authentic Wasabia japonica.  

On our North Carolina mountain farm, we have been growing wasabi the traditional way we observed in stream beds for nearly twenty years. This traditional method is referred to as Sawa (water grown). We grow Daruma and Mazuma Wasabi on our farm in the western North Carolina mountains using this method.  We also have solid import supplier relationships with other wasabi growers.

Our home base for Real Wasabi, LLC is Hilton Head South Carolina, where we started and established Real Wasabi as an international brand in 2005. We also operate out of Cullowhee, North Carolina where Doug and his wife Renee own and operate Bearpen Mountain Farm and Nursery which is also where much of our fresh wasabi and wasabi plants are grown.  You can contact us as follows:

Real Wasabi, LLC                                                Bearpen Mountain Farm
102 Devils Elbow Ln                                            1861 Poor Ridge Road
Hilton Head SC 29926                                         Cullowhee, NC 28723
(843) 842 7972                                                    (828) 293 2115

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