page contents Authentic Real Wasabi Plantlets (Wasabia japonica), Rare, Hard-to-Find Authentic Real Wasabi Plantlets (Wasabia japonica), Rare, Hard-to-Find

Celebrating the Authenticity of Wasabia Japonica ❤ Mountain Grown ❤ Fiery Taste ❤ Smooth Finish

Wasabi Plant starts
Wasabi Plant
Wasabi Plant Starts
Wasabi Plant

Real Wasabi Plantlets

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Real Wasabi Plantlets

Accepting orders for small but well-rooted, authentic wasabia japonica plants.  
These are disease free Wasabi produced via tissue-culture from our strongest stock.

Shipped with an ice pack to protect from over-heating during transport.

Read our article on Growing Real Wasabi.  

Below is a message I recently received from a customer with photographs. 

Doug - Thanks for the note. We live sorta near the Cullowhee farm in Highlands, NC.  My first order several years ago was 6 starter plants that I planted in a natural spring run on our property. This year was my first harvest and I got some really good rhizomes and divided others so now I’m up to ~40 plants. The reason I placed this order is that my wife loves fresh Wasabi so much that she keeps inviting folks over for sushi nights and I ran out of my own for this year!  Below are some before/after pictures of my original plants and the results. I would love the opportunity to check out your Cullowhee place and learn more about Wasabi.

Thanks, Fred

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