Wasabi Plants (Daruma Wasabia japonica), Rare, Hard-to-Find
real wasabi plantlets
Wasabi Plant starts
Wasabi Plants
Wasabi Plant Starts
Wasabi Plant

Wasabi Plants, Real Authentic Wasabia Plants

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Real Wasabi Plants (Seasonal availability)           

Wasabi plants will resume shipping when there is no chance of freezing. We plan to start shipping wasabi plants again in April, weather permitting.   

Our wasabi plants are small but well-rooted, authentic wasabia japonica. These are disease-free Wasabi produced via tissue-culture and chosen from our strongest stock.

Wasabi plants are shipped with an ice pack in the summer to protect from over-heating during transport.

For more information on cultivation read our article: Growing Real Wasabi.  

Below is a message I recently received from a customer with photographs. 

Doug - Thanks for the note. We live sorta near the Cullowhee farm in Highlands, NC.  My first order several years ago was 6 starter plants that I planted in a natural spring run on our property. This year was my first harvest and I got some really good rhizomes and divided others so now I’m up to ~40 plants. The reason I placed this order is that my wife loves fresh Wasabi so much that she keeps inviting folks over for sushi nights and I ran out of my own for this year!  Below are some before/after pictures of my original plants and the results. I would love the opportunity to check out your Cullowhee place and learn more about Wasabi.

Thanks, Fred

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wasabi plants

For additional information about growing wasabi plants, please see this video.  Another good article by Oak Hill Gardens explains how to grow and care for your wasabi plants.

 Wasabi is notoriously finicky and will not grow in places where the temperature routinely rises or falls out of the range between 45 and 70 degrees.

Wasabi naturally grows in wet, wooded areas with plenty of moisture in the air and well-draining soil.