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Real Wasabi LLC has been in the business of growing, importing and promoting "Real Wasabi"  for longer than anyone else in North America. 

Over the years, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge about wasabi in our own right, from growing to health benefits, to its flavor enhancing magnificence.

It is our mission to educate everyone about the difference between fake and real wasabi and we want everyone to try the real thing, at least once. While there is nothing wrong with horseradish and mustard, we believe that calling it wasabi is deceitful. People should know what they are eating. Wasabi was originally used with sushi for its amazing anti-microbial properties, making it much safer to consume raw fish.  Historically, wasabi was used medicinally to treat food poisoning and digestive disorders. Newer studies have revealed many more medicinal benefits from hair growth to anti-cancer properties. Nutraceutical companies are taking note and starting to produce supplements containing this rare and miraculous super food.

As the popularity and love of Japanese cuisine continues to flourish, we have seen a great interest in wasabi recipes spanning far beyond sushi. The versatility of wasabi as a flavor enhancer truly sets it up there on a pedestal with garlic for both its healing properties and its' culinary splendor. 

We at Real Wasabi are on a mission to compile scientific studies, wasabi growing and culinary articles, to amass the world's largest database of wasabi information. We hope our readers will appreciate the convenience of having all this information compiled in one place.

The compilation of all these resources, thus far, is as follows:

Hair Growth Articles


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