Handmade Hardwood Sushi Getas (available in multiple sizes) Handmade Hardwood Sushi Getas (available in multiple sizes)

Celebrating the Authenticity of Wasabia Japonica ❤ Mountain Grown ❤ Fiery Taste ❤ Smooth Finish

Sushi Getas
Handmade Sushi Getas
Handcrafted Sushi Boards
Sushi boards
Handmade Sushi Getas
Hardwood Sushi boards
Sushi Getas

Handmade Hardwood Sushi Getas (available in multiple sizes)

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Handcrafted Sushi Getas

These handmade solid hardwood sushi boards (getas) are as nice as they get.  Handcrafted of sustainably harvested mountain-grown black cherry wood or tight grain cypress (hinoki) using painstaking dovetail construction, these traditional sushi getas will hold up to years of commercial use.  Hand-rubbed with Food-Grade oil, it is best that these items be washed and dried by hand.  A periodic re-oiling with Mineral Oil will keep them in great condition.

Sushi Getas Available in Six Sizes: *  Custom sizes and woods also available upon request.


Mini Sushi Board         3"  x   6"   x   1 1/2"  ht    $19.95
Small Sushi Board  4"  x   8 "  x   1 1/2"  ht $22.95
Medium Sushi Board      5"  x  10"  x   1 1/2"  ht     $24.95
Large Sushi Board       6"  x  11"  x   1 1/2"  ht     $29.95
X-Large Sushi Board        7"  x  12"  x   1 1/2"  ht      $34.95
Sushi Geta Party Platter          9"  x  14"  x   1 1/2"  ht    $49.95