page contents Handmade Hardwood Sushi Getas (available in multiple sizes) Handmade Hardwood Sushi Getas (available in multiple sizes)

Celebrating the Authenticity of Wasabia Japonica ❤ Mountain Grown ❤ Fiery Taste ❤ Smooth Finish

Sushi Getas
Handmade Sushi Getas
Handcrafted Sushi Boards
Sushi boards
Handmade Sushi Getas
Hardwood Sushi boards
Sushi Getas

Handmade Hardwood Sushi Getas (available in multiple sizes)

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Handcrafted Sushi Getas

These handmade solid hardwood sushi boards (getas) are as nice as they get.  Handcrafted of sustainable harvested mountain grown black cherry wood or tight grain cypress (hinoki) using painstaking dovetail construction, these traditional sushi getas will hold up to years of commercial use.  Hand-rubbed with Food-Grade oil, it is best that these items be washed and dried by hand.  A periodic re-oiling with Mineral Oil will keep them in great condition.

Sushi Getas Available in Six Sizes: *  Custom sizes and woods also available upon request.


Mini Sushi Board         3"  x   6"   x   1 1/2"  ht    $19.95
Small Sushi Board  4"  x   8 "  x   1 1/2"  ht $22.95
Medium Sushi Board      5"  x  10"  x   1 1/2"  ht     $24.95
Large Sushi Board       6"  x  11"  x   1 1/2"  ht     $29.95
X-Large Sushi Board        7"  x  12"  x   1 1/2"  ht      $34.95
Sushi Geta Party Platter          9"  x  14"  x   1 1/2"  ht    $49.95